Indivumed Hosts Onco AI-Med Annual Board Meeting in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany (December 11, 2023) – Indivumed Therapeutics (“Indivumed”) welcomed members of the Oncology Alliance For Individualized Medicine (“Onco AI-Med”) to its global headquarters in Hamburg, Germany for the Onco AI-Med annual board meeting. Onco AI-Med is an international collaborative alliance founded by Indivumed to advance personalized medicine in cancer by bringing together the combined knowledge and experience of oncologists from leading cancer clinics and research institutions around the world. Onco AI-Med board members from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States were in attendance to discuss the latest industry research, new insights, and the Alliance’s vision for the future.

“The work we are doing is without precedent,” said Dr. John Marshall, Chief of the Hematology/Oncology Division at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and Chairman of the Onco AI-Med Advisory Board. “We know that precision medicine and cancer itself differs around the world and so by convening our group of leaders, our Onco AI-Med group, from around the world for an in-person meeting to share our thoughts and insights, we hope to more rapidly find new cures for cancer patients around the world.”

As a result of Indivumed’s position as both a leader in tissue collection and deep data analytics with upfront mathematical solutions, Onco AI-Med partners benefit from Indivumed’s holistic approach and expertise, enabling novel insights into cancer and personalized therapies.

Ultimately, the goal of Onco AI-Med is to address the widening knowledge gap between oncology researchers and clinicians and to better understand the complexity of cancer in order to deliver individualized treatments for cancer patients. In addition to presentations, discussions, and updates from each member of the Onco AI-Med board, the group toured the Indivumed lab facilities to see Indivumed’s unique tissue collection process firsthand.

“Indivumed brought this fantastic advisory board together. What Indivumed have shown is how critically, utterly important the precision collection of tissue is,” said Dr. David Kerr, Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford University Hospitals Trust UK. “The Onco AI-Med board gives a fantastic example of what we can do with truly international cooperation with world leading oncologists. Through this collaboration we hope to ultimately come up with effective new drugs.”

Moving forward, in addition to Indivumed’s focus on biomarker and therapeutic target discovery and validation for drug development and clinical trial performance, the company will collaborate closely with the members of the Onco AI-Med board to advance precision oncology, ultimately benefitting cancer patients worldwide.

“The key now is to take the evidence that we have, the broad multi-omic profiles, and unlock the secrets that are hiding in those datasets so that we can identify the right patient for the right drug at the right time,” added Dr. Marshall.

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