December 23, 2022

Ending the year - Today. Tomorrow. Together.

A review on 2022 and beyond

This year, the year 2022, was especially challenging for the whole world. Still, for Indivumed, there is reason to look back to this year, and the last 20 years with great joy and pride. 

In our 20th company anniversary year, we have again come closer to our great goal of improving cancer therapies. We have already found new targets with our unique database, will develop them into therapies and with the service business we have helped our customers to drive and accelerate therapy development. 

And all this in a team of people whose commitment is impressive. People committed to work with Indivumed – our global clinical partners and their patients, scientific partners and academia, and the industry, developing novel treatments in partnership with us - and especially the amazing team at Indivumed who makes all this possible.

We have immortalized our company history and look forward to you viewing this format with pleasure and interest: Click here.

Indivumed is looking forward to the year 2023 and all that we can achieve.