Your clinical portal for multi-omics-based oncology research

The Indivumed Omics Hub is an interface exclusively for members of the Indivumed Global Clinical Network. It provides direct access to curated multi-omics data derived from their patients. Through the portal, we send research-related individual data and cohort data back to the hospitals from which we obtained them.


The Omics Hub consists of three distinct applications, providing different ways for clinicians to access complete multi-omics patient data quickly and efficiently.


Deep dive into individual patient data

Individual patients' multi-omic data is compared to a background cohort of the same disease type derived from the database to provide cancer specific context for patient specific disease characteristics.


Get a rapid overview of profiles for relevant genes of interest

Users can select a disease cohort in combination with a specific gene and get an overview of the available clinical and multi-omics information. Links to clinically-relevant data sources enable further detailed investigation.


Gain deep insights into data from defined patient cohorts

Users can fine-tune data-type related analyses and select a cohort of interest. This allows investigation into significantly mutated genes, and systematic or gene specific differential expression that can be analyzed for different omics types.


The Indivumed Omics Hub is our way of igniting your passion for personalized oncology. It keeps your patient data ready for ongoing research and allows you to dive deep into reports for your specific needs, while freeing up time to focus on your patients.


The intuitive apps help to investigate your patients' data more productively. Reports can be downloaded as interactive charts, tables, and PDF files.


Three Web Apps provide all you need: Complete multi-omics patient, clinical and cohort data help to identify signatures and markers.


The Omics Hub has been specifically developed to support Indivumed Therapeutics' clinical partners all over the world.

Case Studies

Patient-specific case study publications derived from the Indivumed Omics Hub showcase unique patient journeys, detailing treatment approaches and challenges faced. They provide valuable insights into personalized treatments and disease understanding.

Yang, X. et al.
A primary luminal/HER2 negative breast cancer
patient with mismatch repair deficiency

Cell Death Discovery 9:365 (2023)

Read the case study


Han, Y. et al.
A BRCA2 germline mutation and high expression
of immune checkpoints in a TNBC patient

Cell Death Discovery 9:370 (2023)

Read the case study


Zhu, M. et al.
Genomic and transcriptomic profiling of
hepatocellularcarcinoma reveals a rare molecular subtype

Discover Oncology 15:10 (2024)

Read the case study


Scimeca, M. et al.
Genetically driven predisposition leads to
an unusually genomic unstable renal cell carcinoma

Discover Oncology 15:80 (2024)

Read the case study


Scimeca, M. et al.
Molecular profiling of a bladder cancer
with very high tumour mutational burden

Cell Death Discovery 10:202 (2024)

Read the case study


Giovannini, S. et al.
A comprehensive molecular characterization
of a claudin-low luminal B breast tumor

Biology Direct (2024)

Accepted for Publication


Scimeca, M. et al.
Unveiling the Molecular Profile of a Prostate Carcinoma:
Implications for Personalized Medicine

 Accepted for Publication


Concetti, L. et al.
Multi-omic Characterization of CMS1 Colorectal Cancer
with Dampened Immune Response

Submitted for Publication


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