The dedication of our people makes us what we are

Cancer is something that touches all of us in one way or another. That’s why working at Indivumed is much more than just a job for many of us.

We are united by a shared vision: To enable precision medicine and truly individualized cancer therapies. From scientists to medical professionals, from bioinformaticians to data analysts, we contribute to this goal in many different ways.


Challenges can be overcome faster if many perspectives are incorporated into the solution.

That’s why we live a corporate culture in which everyone contributes their individual perspectives. We benefit from different languages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and skill sets to strengthen our innovative power.


As Director of Iberia Operations, Joana Utrera is working to expand our clinical network in Spain and Portugal.

“Working in operations provides me with a good overview of company strategy and development. That allows me to align our goals with those of our clinical partners, to advance Indivumed’s vision to cure cancer through personalized medicine. I like that Indivumed tackles something other companies may see as an unreachable goal – combining multi-omics, clinical data, and artificial intelligence to benefit every cancer patient. I believe goals are achievable only when teaming up, so I like being part of the engine that makes that possible.”


Frank Rademacher is an MS 365 Administrator at Indivumed.

“Starting as a software developer, I loved the perfect mixture of logic, imagination, and interaction with colleagues and clients to find clever solutions to their challenges. Having had cancer myself a few years ago, I have found my place at Indivumed. It fills me with deep satisfaction that I can contribute to the fight against this disease.”


As IT Administrator Support, Dennis Gödecke keeps everything running like clockwork.

“I love the mix of daily support for our colleagues and expanding my knowledge via different IT projects. Seeing a thankful smile on a colleague’s face after I help them with an issue is especially rewarding. Thanks to my team it is easy to maintain a positive attitude, so you will see me walking around with a smile on my face most of the time.”


As a scientist, Gaston Pöllsner is advancing Indivumed’s insights and innovations.

“What I love about my job are the constant challenges we face on a daily basis and especially how we solve them together either inside of the department, across departments, or as a company. The fact that we have experts in a plethora of domains makes working at Indivumed an exciting experience. I also like our equilibrium between research and industry. One can be part of cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art technologies and at the same time be involved in customer relations and project management.”


Rodrigo Cézar works as the Director of Country Operations, Brazil, giving patients in South America access to the most advanced precision oncology research.

“I am happy to be a part of this revolution, which will positively impact cancer patients. I am motivated by the possibilities of precision oncology research. I love that by contributing to biomarker and target discovery and drug development I can help develop a future with individualized cancer therapy.”


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