April 15, 2024

Indivumed Omics Hub and Clinical Network Collaborations Powering Precision Medicine Research Publications

Hamburg, Germany (April 15, 2024) – Indivumed GmbH (“Indivumed”) today announced the fourth research publication enabled by the Indivumed Omics Hub. An interface for members of the Indivumed Global Clinical Network, the Omics Hub provides clinicians with direct access to curated multi-omics data derived from their patients. With access to both individual and cohort data, the Omics Hub enables quick and efficient precision oncology research.

In the newest publication in Discover Oncology titled “Genetically driven predisposition leads to an unusually genomic unstable renal cell carcinoma,” genomic instability and the presence of unusual mutations in a patient case of renal cell carcinoma was reported that may offer support to clinicians for the development of patient-tailored therapies.

“The recent publications enabled by the Omics Hub are part of our greater mission to provide a deeper understanding of patient’s cancer diseases to our clinical partners,” said Dr. Julia Bischof, Indivumed Director of Clinical Analytics. “Ultimately, we believe this will enable clinicians to push forward precision medicine and to improve cancer treatments.”

In addition to the newest publication in Discover Oncology, the Omics Hub has enabled the following publications:

  • Cell Death Discovery: A primary luminal/HER2 negative breast cancer patient with mismatch repair deficiency
  • Cell Death Discovery: A BRCA2 germline mutation and high expression of immune checkpoints in a TNBC patient
  • Discover Oncology: Genomic and transcriptomic profiling of hepatocellular carcinoma reveals a rare molecular subtype

“The tailoring of precision medicine according to the patient requires access to detailed information at the molecular level,” said Dr. Gerry Melino, Director of the Tor Vergata Centre of Excellence. “We can pull together the data between the different hospitals in Rome and other hospitals world-wide in order to have the most statistical value and the probability of understanding the individual results.”

Moving forward, the Omics Hub will continue to serve as a key resource for clinicians and clinical network partners in order to drive novel research and ultimately improve personalized oncology and the treatment of patients.

Find here the most recent publication in Discover Oncology:

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For more information on the Omics Hub, please visit our Omics Hub webpage.